Friday, January 16, 2009

Untapped Synergy

In just a couple weeks it's a small world re-opens with a brand new cast of characters to help celebrate the peace and unity this iconic attraction has stood for since its unveiling at the 1964 New York World's Fair. Now Mickey, Mulan, Cinderella and all your favorites join the happiest voyage that ever sailed.

The upgrades will make small world more relevant to today's audiences. Where the failing small world pulled in only 35,000 riders on a typical day, the new additions are expected to increase the aging attraction's daily ridership to about 40 billion.

The success of the small world character additions have prompted the Imagineering wizards in Burbank to be chained together and enslaved in a dank room by upper management to come up with character concepts to spruce up other Disneyland classics, or their families will be killed.

My Disney spies have come back with a look at just some of the character additions that Imagineering is throwing around.
The Haunted Mansion: Animation connoisseurs fondly remember the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon "Haunted House". What people don't know is that the original plans for the Haunted Mansion called for guests to explore the famous ghost home alongside Mickey and his pals, just like in the cartoons. Unfortunately, primitive technology at the time prompted the early Imagineers to go with a more serious haunted house theme not unlike the ones you see at most amusement parks, a setback that disappointed Walt Disney himself.

Now Walt Disney's original vision for Haunted Mansion can finally be realized with 21st century technology. New painted flats are to be installed in some of the Haunted Mansion's most memorable scenes featuring the comic antics of Mickey, Donald and Goofy as they explore this spooky abode.

A psychic Goofy attempts to communicate with ghosts with his magic crystal ball but things suddenly go wrong! In the mansion's ballroom Donald sits down for dinner and so do a few uninvited guests! Mickey Mouse can't escape the Mansion's graveyard, which has suddenly come to life in an all-new musical revue featuring the Jonas Brothers and their hit song "Ghoul, I Just Wanna Make Love To You (But, Baby, My Ring Says No)!

This time it's not hitchhiking ghosts who wish to follow you home, but Mickey, Donald and Goofy! Help them escape this all-new retelling of an old favorite!

The Matterhorn: 1978 saw the addition of an abominable snowman to Disneyland's famous Matterhorn mountain. However, recent surveys have revealed that some riders find the creature too fearful to children while older kids scoff at the corniness of the aging figure. In order to keep a dying classic from hitting rock bottom, the Imagineers have come up with a dazzling addition sure to keep guests coming back for more.

This Summer, keep cool with the Matterhorn's newest inhabitant, the Abominable Snowman from Disney/Pixar's animated hit Monsters, Inc.! Instead of frightening growls the Abominable Snowman now offers bobsledders delicious snow cones. Just don't eat the yellow ones!

Keep at last one eye open because Abominable Snowman's best friends Mike and Sully might just pop in to wish him luck. It's an upgrade that's sure to please on Disney/Pixar's Matterhorn Bobsleds.

Space Mountain: What's gotten into Space Mountain? That's what guests will be talking about after they experience the all new Space Mountain: Experiment 626.

The lovable rascal Stitch from Disney's hit animated feature Lilo & Stitch breathes new life into Space Mountain with all-new thrills. Stitch has broken free of his confinement and is wreaking havoc (and laughs!) all over the space station. It's up to you to board a rocket ship, find Stitch and bring him home.

It's the Space Mountain you love with an all new rockin' soundtrack sung by Miley Cyrus.
What will you celebrate this year at the Disneyland Resort? I know what I'm celebrating. Relevancy! Get an annual pass today (just 12 easy payments of $29.95) and experience the relevancy all year long!


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